List of classic white people phrases

from worst to best

if you have any good ones please send them to me ^-^

white people have culture, its this stuff (not the weird shit statue heads post twitter). please just be goofy. anyways, the list:

  • preggers
  • doggo
  • oh my giddy aunt
  • uhmmm,,, awkward!
  • whoa its like a blizzard out there
  • awesome sauce
  • malarkey
  • ope!
  • watch it buster
  • listen here pal
  • here's the kicker
  • oh for pete's sake
  • for crying out loud
  • thats rich coming from you!
  • *your name* in the house!
  • news flash buddy!
  • attaboy!!
  • anywho
  • nothing to sneeze about
  • sorry to burst your bubble
  • don't mind if i do
  • geez louise!
  • why i oughtta
  • let's play it by ear
  • you're looking chipper!
  • scooch
  • lets rock and roll
  • i have a bone to pick
  • you son of a gun
  • let me squeeze past you
  • big whoop
  • yea big
  • dang nabbit
  • cowabunga
  • legen - wait for it - dary
  • you've got moxy, kid
  • let's skiddadle
  • the man, the myth, the legend
  • the jig is up
  • take a chill pill
  • what's the damage
  • hey wise guy!
  • jeepers creepers
  • workin hard or hardly workin?
  • don't be a debbie downer
  • heebiee jeebiees
  • cool beans
  • the bee's knees
  • ~punk (derogatory)~
  • ***no more mister nice guy***
  • ☆☆☆☆☆get a load of this guy☆☆☆☆☆

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